Nov 4, 2009

Google Netbook and Phone coming out soon rumors say

Google is getting everywhere these days and the latest word on the street is that google is currently in talks with Quanta to develop its own Netbook which will run with Google's Chrome operating system and which could be released in the early part of 2010 or at least before next summer.

Not only that, Google is apparently also working with a manufacturer to produce a Google branded phone, which we could see launched before the is out. The phone will supposedly carry a Qualcomm chip.

Yes it's a rumour but there's rather a lot of detail for a rumour. Anyway, if it's on schedule for before the end of the year, maybe in time for the December shopping rush, we won't have to wait too long to find out if it's all true.

According to Notheast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar, Google won't be doing what others do and selling their phones via carries, instead the low cost phones, which of course will come unlocked to take any sim card, will be sold in retail stores.

Now I can imagine that is going to go down extremely well with consumers who often have to tie themselves into lengthy contracts with mobile phone carriers or go the hassle of unlocking a phone so that it can be used on another network.

Makes you wonder what network operators and other mobile phone manufactures will make of it all as many have been actively supporting Google's Android which has been gaining a lot of momentum recently.

I suspect that if an unlocked low cost Google phone does turn up in a matter of weeks they are not going to be too happy about it.

In a way Google will be making themselves a competitor against many of those who have served as partners in the past. How that will pan out in the future I really don't know but the way that Google handles it will be crucial to future relationships.

The information about the Google phone and Google Netbook has come from a pretty reliable source and we've no reason to doubt it but until Google actually says something, we can't forget that it is all still speculation.

Those who have tried to extract information out of Google have been told that it's just market rumour and that they don't comment on such matters. Sounds promising though!

And no it's not it on the picture, nobody knows what will it look like. But it would be cool if it was like Freescale concept shown at CES.


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