Jul 1, 2010

Samsung Announces New Consumer Notebooks and Netbooks

Video Samsung notebook R40 series from Youtube

Samsung has announced its consumer notebook lineup for summer 2010. The notebooks include the R40 and R530 notebooks and the N220 and N230 netbooks.

R40 Series
The R40 series includes two models: the 14-inch R440 and 15.6-inch R530 and R540. Both notebooks have a 1366x768 screen resolutio, Windows 7 Home Premium, and 4GB of RAM. The larger R540 has an integrated numeric keypad.

The R440 has an Intel Core i3-330M (2.13GHz) processor, a 320GB hard drive, integrated Intel graphics, a 4.85 lb weight, and a claimed for hour battery life.

The R530 has an Intel Core i3-330M (2.13GBz) processor, a 500GB hard drive, dedicated Nvidia GeForce 310M graphics, a 5.51 lb weight, and a claimed four hour battery life.

The R440, R530, and R540 will be available through Samsung resellers in the beginning of July for $729, $799, and 999, respectively.

N220/N230 Netbooks The N230 is Samsung lightest netbook, weighing only 2.2 lbs. It has a glossy black finish and is supposed to get up to seven hours of battery life.

The N220 weighs 2.9 lbs has a new design pattern in a polished green gradated color with chrome accents. Samsung is also updating its N150 netbook to the N150-11BL, which has a matte black finish with red accents and a non-glare screen. Its battery life is up to 10 hours.

All of Samsung's netbooks have a 10-inch display (1024x600), Intel Atom N450 (1.66GHz) processor, 1GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive, and Windows 7 Starter.

The 150-11BL and N220 are available now for $349 and $369, respectively; the N230 will be available in the beginning of July for $399.

Source: Charles P. Jefferies, www.notebookreview.com

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