Jul 12, 2010

Coming soon: 2010 HP Pavilion dv4, Compaq netbook, new HP Pavilion Elite desktops

Videos HP Pavilion from Youtube

News of several upcoming HP computers has just broke out (or should I say, leaked) on the internet, apparently sprouting from online retailer Logic Buy. The folks there appear to be slightly unsure about the products (but they do have pictures), with specifications lists made out of some potentially real facts and some patchwork speculation.

Compaq Mini CQ10:
Starting from the least significant of things is the Compaq Mini CQ10 netbook. This Compaq-branded netbook is a mashup of last year's HP Mini designs (with the 'old', non-chiclet keyboard) and the guts of the recently leaked-n-selling HP Mini 210.

The Compaq Mini CQ10 will sport a single-core 1.66 GHz, latest Intel Pine Trail N450 processor, GMA 3150 integrated graphics, 10 inch display and 250 GB hard disk, but UNLIKE the Mini 210, it will be limited to 1 GB of RAM, hinting that the Compaq Mini will ship with Windows XP (as opposed to Windows 7 on the Mini 210)

3rd generation HP Pavilion dv4: Unlike what they've done with the dm1/ dm3 models, HP probably decided they'd save time and costs by re-using the hull of the HP Pavilion dv4. This 3rd generation dv4 sports the same design as its predecessors but with a different color scheme/exterior patterns. The 1st generation dv4 was a mix of silver and black, the 2nd generation dv4 was all-black and now, the dv4 is back... In brown/gold (see the 1st picture above). Now, the folks out there on the net are only circulating pictures and speculation, but as thd HP Fansite, we received
Exclusive information
from a reliable source that HP will be offering the new Mobile Core i3/Core i5 processors with the new dv4. It will also have DDR3 RAM slots, new Nvidia graphics (as opposed to the crappy G105M in the 2nd generation) and optical drive with optional Blu-ray. To put things short, the new dv4 brings small changes: cosmetic, processor/graphics and DDR3 RAM-the rest stays the same.

Four new HP Pavilion Elite desktops: HP has four upcoming Pavilion Elite desktops. The Pavilion Elite 110t and 150 will be sub-$800 models with entertainment and media in mind, while the 170t and 180t models will cost around $1000+and will offer more powerful Core i5 and Core i7 options, with a host of other step-up... Plus the latter model will feature Nvidia GeForce GTX260 graphics

Well, things don't seem to exciting for the HP's consumer PC range this spring. Let's hope for better from their business/enterprise PC side, shall we? =)

Source: http://hpfansite.com

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