Jul 16, 2010

Apple iPhone 4 Woes Worsen

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The news about Apple and its iPhone 4 isn't getting any better. Earlier this week, Consumer Reports issued a statement saying that it could not
recommend the iPhone 4 because of the phones reception problems, and now calls for a recall of the device are growing louder.

The iPhone 4 was launched late last month to great fanfare; pre orders sold out ahead of its launch and long lines of eager shoppers snapped up the new phone as soon as it became available. But many of those buyers soon encountered what became known as the "grip of death" -- the fact that the iPhone 4's signal degraded greatly when they placed their hand on the lower left-hand corner of the phone.

Reports of this problem have been widespread, but I have not been able to replicate it in my usage of the iPhone 4 so far. Still, many technology bloggers and iPhone reviews have experienced it, as have scores of users.

Apple initially told people to avoid holding the iPhone in that spot, and claimed the problem was actually due to a software flaw that caused the phone display a higher signal strength than the phone was actually experiencing. But few people seem to believe Apple's claims, and now Consumer Reports has weighed in.

The respected consumer magazine issued a statement saying it can't recommend the iPhone 4 because of the signal problem. (Consumer Reports did, however, give the iPhone 4 its top ranking among smartphones.)

Now, calls for a recall of the iPhone 4 are growing louder, and some PR experts are going so far as to say that a recall is inevitable. I'm not convinced that Apple will actually recall the phone -- the company has yet to even truly acknowledge the problew. But the furor over the iPhone 4's reception problems doesn't seem to be going away, so it will be interesting to see how Apple weathers the strom.

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