Jun 8, 2010

Toshiba to launch a line of slate PCs

Video Toshiba Journe tablet from Youtube

Toshiba is making it known that the company has no intention of sitting out the tablet PC revolution. You know, if it actually turns out to be a revolution.

Netbooks began to take the world by strom when Asus introduced a consumer oriented low cost mini-laptop in late 2007. It took half a year for HP to introduce the first real competitor for the Eee PC 701, and another few months before the rest of the PC industry really caught up.

Things are moving very differently in the tablet space. Everbody has theis eye on the upcoming Apple iPad, but HP, Asus, MSI, Lenovo, and other PC makers have already announced plans to launch their own slates. And now we can add Toshiba to the lineup.

A Toshiba exec tells Fortune Magazine that it will bring out a whole line of slate devices later this year or early next year. No word on what kind of tablets we're talking. They could be Windows tablet with x86 processors, or ARM-based tablets running Linux, Google Android, Chrome, or another OS. Or maybe all of the above.

Make sure to check out the Fortune article for a good overall look at the tablet landscape. The Toshiba revelation is just a small part oe the article.

Source: www.liliputing.com

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