Jun 9, 2010

New Device Leak: Nokia C2

Video Nokia C2 from Youtube

It looks like another phone in the Nokia C Series has been leaked (Thanks to bel for the heads up), the Nokia C2, which appears to have a split QWERTY keyboard (similiar to the Nokha 6820 but instead of the keyboard flipping over, the screen rotates). It seems like an interesting device, and would be nice to see a prototype as sometimes these sketches do not do the phone justice.

The phone specifications we can see are just equivalent to an entry level device, i.e,:

- 2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics
- Display: 240 x 320 pixels
- Rotation Feature

Possible Features (I could be completely wrong about these):

- Front facing camera (based on concept picture)
- 3G Connectivity (to allow the possible front facing camera to work properly)

I suppose we will just have to wait and see!

UPDATE (01/05/2010):
New picture below was added by the guys over at ciamondo.it and now the keyboard layout makes a lot more sense! If i'm not mistaken I think it say's 3.5G under the network signal levels so looks like it has HSDPA, but with the addition keys in the middle I think that the touch screen facility is unlikely, not that it looks like it would need it!

Source: http://mynokiablog.com

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