Dec 7, 2009

Samsung Mythic Review

Samsung Mythic has been named aptly as it could only exist in myths a few years ago. The phone boasts all the latest technologies packaged in a smart bundle. The phone, although of block from factor, is indeed quite a looker. It sports a large screen of 3.3 inch, which is fully touchscreen. It has a host of widgets making online life on the move a breeze. As of now, the phone is available bundled with AT&T network only. Not only does it have internet capabilities, it also serves as a decent mobile TV. At present, AT&T offers Comedy Central, CBS, MTV, ESPN, FOX, NBC and many other channels.

The navigation between apps and website is quick and easy thanks to Samsung's Touch Wiz user interface. It comes preloaded with software apps like AT&T navigator, AT&T Social Net etc. The home screen scrolls left and right to for accessing additional phone application using touch navigation. One of the most important features is that it comes with AT&T's modified Opera browser. It gives you three windows to surf the internet. You can view the World Wide Web in one window; get information about places of interest nearby, maps, traffic alerts, driving directions on the other; and headlines from popular news, sports and entertainment websites on the third.

The Mythic is a good addition to the Samsung's envible lineup of smart phones. The block form factor is targeted towards the people who dislike the clamshell ones. Among technical features, it has a full bag. The screen is TFT with 262K colors. It has an mp3 player and an expandable memory using microSD or TransFlash memory cards. The PC Sync is available with USB 2.0 specifications. The default web browser is Opera 2.0 and also has GPS navigation provided by AT&T Navigator. As with all the mid and high end phones, it has a speaker phone.

The touch screen user interface might need a little getting used to for people habitatuated to using actual keyboards. The touch screen keyboard is the only option for typing on the Mythic as it does not have a real keyboard. But once you get used to it, you start to find it much more convinient to use than the normal keybords. The Samsung Touch Wiz user interface, also seen on some other Samsung phones gives a quick access to your favorite websites such as YouTube and Facebook. If it were not for the Samsung Touch Wiz user interface, the phone could have tuned out to be a drab, but the user interface makes it a really competent phone.

Because of the rich colors, watching web TV is a lot of fun on the Mythic. It can store many video clips, pictures and games due to the expandable memory. This makes the phone very useful not only to business professionals who want to keep abreast of stock updates etc, but also for those who want a smart phone just for entertainment. The Samsung operates on GSM and UMTS networks.


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