Dec 6, 2009

New Apple iPhone 2010 Released, Named iPhone 3G S

The new Apple iPhone 3G S was released at the WWDC

Apple have just released the next version of the Apple iPhone. It is called the iPhone 3G S and it looks exactly the same on top. But it is alot different underneath. First of all the camera has been upgraded to 3 Megapixels instead of 2 and has also included video support officially. It will come with the iPhone OS 3.0 built in as well. The S at the end of the name stands for Speed. It has got a newer CPU and Apple has stated that the performance of this processor will be more than double of the previous generation.

The New Features include:

- Same 3.5 inch multi touch display

- Improved 3D graphics for games as well as new propessor allowing faster loading of Apps

- A 3 Megapixel Camera with 30FPS VGA Video Recording

- Built in digital Compass

- Available in 16GB and models

- Better Battery life

- Voice Control

- Bluetooth Tethering

Besides this announcement Apple has also decided to continue its iPhone 3G models with the 8GB iPhone 3G now available for $100 from AT&T. The New Apple iPhone 3G S will be available from June 19. It will have full support for the App Store and all of its content is compatible with the new model.

Although some features like 3 Megapixe Camera and MMS messaging are better than the previous model Apple still lags behind on this front from other manufacturers. For example Sony Ericsson have just announced a new phone called Satio and it contains a 12Megapixel camera! So long crying after 3MP! 30FPS video is good but LG offers 120 FPS slo-mo video capture with its Viewty phone.

All of this is a sort of a dilemma as Apple has got the best of the applications in the world in its App Store but several of the features that it is shouting about like video recording have been present in mobile phones even 5 years ago!


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