Sep 30, 2009

Solutions for People With Arterioclerosis

If the causes of arterioclerosis are known, remedial action should be taken promptly to remove them. To begin with, the patient should resort to short juice fast for five to seven days. The juices of fresh raw vegetables and fruits may be taken diluted with water on 50:50 basis.
Grape-fruit, pineapple, lemon and juice of green vegetables are specially beneficial. A warm water enema should be used daily to cleanse the bowels during the period of juice fasting.

After that, the patient should take optimum diet consisting of seeds, nuts and grains, vegetables and fruits, with emphasis on raw foods and sprouted seeds. Vegetable oils like sunflower oil, flex seed oil and and olive oil should be used regularly. Further short fasts on juices may be undertaken at intervals of three months or so, depending on the progress being made.

The patient should take several small meals instead of a few large ones. He should avoid all hydrogenated fats and and an excess of saturanated fats, such as butter, cream, ghee and animal fat.

He should also avoid meat, salt and all refined and processed foods, condiments, sauces, pickles, strong tea, coffee, white sugar, white flour and. All products made from them. Foods cooked in aluminum and copper untensils should not be taken as toxic metals entering the body are known to be deposited on the walls of the aorta and the arteries. Smoking, if habitual, should be given up because it constricts the arties and aggravates the condition.

Recent investigations have shown that garlic and onions have a preventive effect on the development of arteriosclerosis. They should be included in the daily diet either raw or cooked.

One of the most effective home remedies for arteriosclerosis is the lemon peel. It strengthens the entire arterials system. Shredded lemon peel may be added to soups and stews, or sprinkled over salads. To make a medicine, the peel of one or two lemons may be cut up finely, covered with warm water and allowed to stand for about 12 hours. A teaspoonful may be taken every three hours, or immediately before or after a meal.

Parsley is another effective home remedy for this disease. It contains elements which help to maintain the blood vessels, particularly the capillaries and arterial system in a healthy condition. It may be taken as beverage by simmering it gently in the water for a few minutes and partaking several times daily.

The beet juice has also proved valuable in arteriosclerosis. It is an excellent solvent for inorganic calcium deposits. Juices of carrot and spinach are also beneficials.

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