Aug 27, 2009

The idea to achieve victory

To achieve success by becoming a winner is you have to be creative in making decisions to achieve a success in accordance with your expectations, with the calculation of telling and intelligent the you can be your own winning a decisive.

With the knowledge and experience that you experienced, would be a good lesson to achieve success. And high persistence and hard work it is to achieve a more real success you get. The principle that you hold will help you to obtain maximum results to achieve victory.

One of the biggest differences between winners and losers in life is that winners start immediately whether they are ready to or not, but losers want to learn everything they think they need to know before they get started. There is a very good reason why the second method is a recipe for disaster.

Before you experience something it is almost impossible to know what is going to be important knowledge and what is not. It is only by experiencing a thing they we gain some understanding of what is involved.

The person who prepares, prepares and the prepares some more usually discovers when they finally do start (if they ever do) that what they have been preparing all this time is actual the wrong thing.

People who become successful take a completely different approach. The get an idea and then they immediately start working toward that idea. They often have no notion of what is the right thing to do to succeed or of what knowledge they will need to acquire.

However by following their gut instinct and starting to do something, they soon discover what works and what doesn't and they discover from practical necessity what knowledge they need to seek out.

Once, after I had finished giving a two hour talk on residential property investing, a man came up to me and announced proudly that he had been studying property investing for 18 years and that he had read over one hundred and fifty books on the topic and that be agreed with almost everything I said in my talk.

I thanked him for the compliment and asked how many properties he had. He told me that he was in the process of negotiating his first one. The truth is that if he had read absolutely nothing and just bought virtually any house in any major city on day one, then it would have been worth at least four times what he paid for it at the time he was talking to me.

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