Jul 17, 2009

The development of information technology

Communication is a process of the network connection information for quick and knowledgeable service, satellite communication technology to provide additional submarine communication cable optical fiber.

To move an application, such as communications to ship, aircraft and sea. Where the application technology, such as cable, it is not practical or not possible, the development of information technology, thd higher and more complex use.

Compared to yesterday's monolithic telephone system, today's worldwide communications network is a much more complex and constantly evolving clucster of interconnected sistem.

And with continually more mission-critical processes reliant on transmission accuracy and 100 percent uptime, the requirements for reliability and performance have never been greater. Precision air conditioning is one cornerstone of a well-designed support system for this network.

Communications network cooling requirements differ from typical commercial or "comfort" requirements, in the following significant ways.

Year-Round Operation Commercial cooling system may be required to operate only during summer months and during normal working hours.

Communications sites, however, generate heat 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, and so the cooling equipment must be able to operate reliably when outdoor ambients are as high as 120degF or as low as -20deg. Because of this constant cooling requirement, the selection of reliable and energy efficient components are essential.

Unlike common commercial air conditioning systems, these precision air conditioning units are designed to run continually, require little maintenance, and provide precise control of temperature and humidity. Standard air conditioners huickly lose efficiency and break under continual operation.

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