Nov 9, 2009

Xobni mobile details teased at BlackBerry Developer Conference

Promises to make contack book more relevant Xobni has offered further details of what it's mobile version of its Outlook plug-in will offer and suggested a launch date to delegates at the BlackBerry Developer Conference in San Francisco on Monday.

"Xobni for mobile will be more like your automatic address book made up of all the thousands of people you may have communicated with over the years," the company has said.

According to the firm, that already offers a way for Outlook users to sieve through their contacts, the typical user "has 5-10X the number of contacts in their email inbox versus their Outlook address book."

Features outlined at the conference include Xobni Rank, a list of contacts, in ranked order, depending on the freshness and depth of your relationship say the company.

According to Xobni (inbox spelt backwards by the way) the app will quickly find anyone you've ever communicated with, along with context to your relationship, in ranked order.

"Most people know more than one Mike. Xobni Rank delivers every Mike you know in ranked order based on how often and how recently you communicated with him. So, the Mike Zander, whom you just spoke with yesterday and email one time per week will be listed above the Mike Andler, who was CC'd in an email once by your coworker."

Although originally slated for a Summer 09 launch date, the company has said that it looks more likely to be early 2010 before the app will be available.

By Stuart Miles,

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