Nov 26, 2009

Verizon iPhone 2010 - Specs, Review and Prices

In the modern world of today everyone has mobile. Mobile is the marvelous creation of science. From businessman to students all uses mobile.

This news is very good for iphone lovers that verizon wireless subscribers may get their iphones in June, 2010. May be verizon and apple introduce a new version of iphone next year. This news comes when verizon launched the droid.

In recent interviews, Ivan Seidenberg the chief executive of verizon and Tim cook chief operating officer of apple has dismissed the idea of a CDMA iphone. Verizon also said that apple was not going to work with verizon but rumors suggested that Apple and Verizon have been testing an LTE version of the iPhone. Cook also said that CDMA has no future and they wants to work on GSM networks.

This is not first time that people we will hear about verizon iphone in 2010. Verizon will be hurrying to launch LTE in 2010, perhaps for Apple. Verizons CEO told the wall street journal that LTE version of the phone will make apple.

This upcoming iphone provides:

A smaller body: The research identified that new phone have a 2.8 and 3.2 smaller screen.

CDMA vs. WCDMA: This iphone will be help to both CDMA as well as GSM/UMTS. Verizon will moved to LTE, the next generation of UMTS service. You can works on both types of networks with one phone.

This iphone will be announced before april 1, 2010. If Apple will announce a device with verizon then it will not be branded iphone but must have standard qualities in mobile.


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