Nov 19, 2009

Asus releases Windows 7 Upgrade guide for Eee PC 1000H

The Asus Eee PC 1000H was one of the company's first 10 inch netbooks. I picked one up in August, 2008 and I'm still using it. The Eee PC 1000H may not be as thin or light as some never netbooks, and it doesn't get quite as much battery life as newer Asus models.

But you know what? It still works pretty well and share a common set of guts with most netbooks including a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 CPU and 1GB of RAM. The model I own has just 80GB of disk space, but there are also 160GB models out there.

Asus stopped making this netbook a while ago, but the company hasn't forgotten the earlier adopters like me. This weekend Asus uploaded a Windows 7 Selt Upgrade Guide for the Eee PC 1000H/XP to the company support site.

Having installed Windows 7 RC on the netbook earlier this year, I can tell you that many features work out of the box. But the upgraded guide recommends that before you start, you make sure you have the latest BIOS version first.

While the step for installing Windows 7 just says "Install Windows 7 operating system from the DVD," step 3 is worth checking out. Once Windows is installed, you may want to download and install drivers and utilities from the Asus support site, and step three explains the order in which they should be installed, starting with the chipset drivers and ending with the Super Hybrid Engine and Asus Update software.

Will anything bad happen if you don't install the utilities in this order (or at all)? Probably not. But it's nice to know that Asus was thinking about us.

Keep in mind, if you upgrade an Eee PC 1000H or any Windows XP computer to Windows 7, your data and settings will not be imported. You could could configure a dual boot system which would preserve your data, but there's your data, but there's no clean migration path from Windows XP to Windows 7 that allows you to import your settings the way can when you upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7.


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