Nov 30, 2009

3 News BlackBerry Devices To Expect In 2010

1)Blackberry Essex:
This device is equipped with newer version of 3G/CDMA/WiFi, better than the Blackberry Tour 9630 which is currently out for Verizon Wireless and Sprint. We've touch base on this device a little while ago during the release of the Tour, talking about how the next Tour will be equipped with WiFi.

Well, this is that device we were talking about! The device will be also rockin' the all new trackpad and from what BBLeaks says another "little surprise." which remains unknown.

2)Blackberry 9100 aka Striker:
The BlackBerry Pearl has been nothing but history lately, especially after the release of the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 82xx series which did not launch as successfully as planned. Rest assured, the Pearl will be coming back as you all remember it with some cool new features that will definitely convince you to go back to it.

The BlackBerry 9100 aka Striker is going to be equipped with 3G + Trackpad. The coolest part about it is that will be even slimmer than the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 2 9700 aka Onyx which is expected to release by the end of year. Stay tuned for the sexier and improved BlackBerry Pearl 9100.

3)BlackBerry Curve 8530:
This won't excite many but as we all know, the BlackBerry Curve 85xx series is a very basic model with its soul purpose to cater to the user friendly crowd which are most likely just getting introduced to the BlackBerry platform for the first time. Being that it is very basic, the device will be offered at a very low affordable price.

As for the specis, it wil be like the recently released 8520, this one is just a Curve, but for CDMA carriers. We've seen many leaked images on it so far as well as carrier inventory releases. It is expected to be announced really soon.

By, Mac Jadalhack,

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