Oct 16, 2009


""Business Ruggedized.

Panasonic wants to collect points from their customers with an especially stabe case that allegedly protects the Toughbook CF-W8 against several damages.
Of course, the communication alignment doesn't come too short in this ultra-mobile device for business clients. Panasonic has also kept a matt, and in view of this, suitable VDU workstatition in mind. To what extent the Toughbook CF-W8 can also convince in our test is clarified in the following review.

Panasonic Computer Products Europe are specialized on manufacturing especially stable and resistant natebooks. These are, according to the manufacturer, tested in elaborate test procedures in extremely true to life circumstances, whereasa a special weight is put on "Mobility, technical superioty and convincing resistance".

Panasonic categorizes its notebooks in view of resistance as full-ruggedized, semi-ruggedized, and finally, business ruggedized. The CF-W8 belongs to the last category. What this means in regards to drop, spill and pressure resistance in detail, will be comprehensively described in the following categories.

Opposing the trend to build extremely thin notebooks, the rather massive case for a 12.1 inch device struck us right away after unpacking it. This is also confirmed after measuring it. With this, it belongs to the front runners with a construction height of 48.3 millimeters.

Because Panasonic has selected a display in a 4:3 size, the depth of 214 millimeters applies, and the breadth of 272 millimeters turns out accordingly. However, not only the massive size has an influence on the device's stability but also the choice of materials.

The manufacturer states that the enabled notebook should be able to swallow drops from a height of up to 76 cm on the its bottom and drops of up to 30 centimeters from other angles in a disabled state, whereas the manufacturer has tested it in 26 different angels, due to the use of a magnesium alloy.

Pressure loads of up to 100 kg/f, that correlates to 980 Newton, aren't supposed to be a problem for the CF-W8, either. Because we hanlde our prototypes with care, we didn't reproduce these strains.

Those who come to the conclusion that the CF-W8 has to make a plump impression already due to its construction, are wrong. Moreover, the silver-colored surfaces give it a certain elegance.

by Martina Ostovits, www.notebokcheck.net

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