Jul 7, 2009

Users in the internet porn

Internet users in accessing the more knowledgeable, including pornograpich content, some time ago, a search engine owned by microsoft, bing, received criticism due to wide-open area of his search for the porn content in the virtual world.

Ease porn video play automatically create bing get a lot of protests, some countries have made a prediction on the blocking action against the search engine bing, users in the research on the internet porn film increasing.

As for the business case, yankee group research analist adam zawel noted in an october report that phonerotika.com, a UK-based web site for mobile users that provides adult pics, video clips and text, generates over 300 million hits per month, and rings up more minutes of use per month than MSN.

Zawel also estimates the annual market for wireless adult content could reach $1 billion globally by 2008.

While $1 billion is a nice number, it' a drop in the bucket compared to what mobile operators earn from non-voice services today--and non voice revenua is still well under a third of their ARPU.

Even so, there is a sort of inevitability to 3G porn, regulatory environments permiting. For one thing, the novelty factor alone will result in some downloads initially.
Also, bear in mind that "adult content" is a broad category.

It's not all XXX hardcore or even playboy-level softcore--page 3-style pics from such magazines as FHM and maxim also count as "adult content". So do java game downloads (i.e. Strip poker on your PDA) and directory service (i.e where the good gentlemen's clubs are in town)

The other key thing to remember about mobile porn-apart from the critical importance of access control--is that while porn may be a driver of tech adoption, technology has never become dependent on it.

Of all the technologies that owe their start to porn, none of the rely on porn to stay in business today. Case in point: porn titles today account for a fraction oe the total home video market. The same goes for CD-ROMs, games, pay-per-view, and whatever VOD services are still out there.

Porn may be at the vanguard of new technology, but it's almost always relegated to niche status once the technology in question goes mainstrea. 3G will be no different.

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